Quick & simple.  Mash the sweet potato right into the tuna for a sweet and smooth taste.

Protein + Carbs

Tuna & Sweet Potato

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We call this the "Interesting Salad" since it never gets boring.  Add in your favorite nuts or seeds, sliced carrots, dried berries, or skip all the add-ins and go straight to the dressing.  Try 1-2 tbsp of your favorite "healthy" oil.  Feeling adventurous?  Try mayo!  Then, like James Bond, take the salad shaken, not stirred.

Protein + Healthy Fats. (LCHF)

Tuna & Spring mix salad

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Got oatmeal?  If you've got the protein powder but don't have the time, this quick, energy-packed meal is all you need to kickstart the morning.  Sweeten with berries or your fav fruits. This meal pairs well with coffee.  [You're welcome]

Protein + Carbs

Breakfast Hack #1

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Yes, the ingredients are no different from the salads above. For this one, if you're not sure what to do with last night's chicken, throw it in the fridge, then into the to-go bowl for tomorrow's lunch. Keep it interesting-drizzle some sriracha on the chicken!    

Protein + Healthy Fats (LCHF)

Last night's Chicken

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Hard-boiled eggs, that is. This quick combo doesn't need explaining.  Better yet, the yolks provide a healthy dose of healthy fats.  Just don't forget to add a pinch of salt & pepper.  

Protein + Carbs + Healthy Fats

Eggs & Sweet Potato

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Another interesting salad that won't disappoint.  Add in your favorite nuts or seeds, sliced carrots, dried berries, or skip the add-ins and go straight to the dressing.  Try 1-2 tbsp of your favorite "healthy" dressing.

Protein + Healthy Fats. (LCHF)

HB Eggs & Spring mix

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Just when you thought it couldn't get any easier, we've got another breakfast hack for you.  All you need is a shaker bottle, protein, and fruit.  This meal replacement may not be sustainable long term, but it's the perfect "nutrition hack" when you've got no time to slow down.

Protein + Carbs

Breakfast Hack #2

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These tacos aren't only better tasting, but they're healthier.  Here's how we did it:  6 in. corn tortillas, lean meat, and some greens (e.g., baby spinach).  Feel free to spice it up with a bit of sriracha.  


We prefer authentic corn tortillas sold in the Mexican/Hispanic food aisle.  These are typically made with less ingredients and have about half the calories compared to flour tortillas.

Protein + Carbs

Better 4U Tacos

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Otherwise known as the "Vitamin A Bomb".  This quick & easy combo of healthy fats and vitamins delivers taste, texture, and satisfaction.

Protein + Carbs + Healthy  Fats

Cheese & Sweet Potato

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Nothing but wholesome goodness here.  Full of nourishing macros and a full array of vitamins & minerals to keep you happy & healthy.

Protein + Healthy Fats. (LCHF)

HB Eggs & Avocado

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Spare me the lecture on the proper macros ratio.  This protein, healthy fats, and low carb mix is the perfect on-the-go food. If you're trying to avoid the long fast food line and long belt size, try it out.  

Protein + Healthy Fats + Lo Carbs

Meal Hack #1

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Fit & Fast Meal Tips

1.  We recommend keeping everything simple.  Simplicity is sustainable.  Complexity is not [unless you're a fitness fanatic].  The meal ideas above are simple.  


It helps to identify, early on, the 3 to 4 "base" items you'll want for pretty much all your meals.

2.  The "Base" food items above include the salad mix, the sweet potato, the protein powder, and the hard boiled eggs.  


These could be considered the "Big 4" or the constants you buy and prep on a regular basis.  It totally takes the guess work out of meal prep. What will be your Big 4?

3.  Salad Dressing:  We consider "healthy" dressings as those with minimal ingredients and with little to no sugar.  Since oils (eg., olive oil, coconut oil, peanut oil, etc are considered healthy fats, "Fat Free" is a clear sign that it's a Franken-food product.  Steer clear of dressings with the fat free labels.

Recommendations?  We prefer:

  • Olive Oil & Vinegar mix

  • Italian

  • Vinaigrette 

  • Mayonaisse 






Chicken Breast (1)




Sweet Potatoes

Corn Tortillas


Other Favorite Fruits (2)


Salad Dressing or Oil

Peanuts (3)

Sunflower seeds


Peanut- or Almond Butter


Leafy greens


Spring Mix

Green Beans





Unsweetened Seltzer (4)

Unsweetened Tea

Unsweetened Coffee




1.  Skin or no skin on your meat will depend on how picky you want to be.  


We recommend lean meats if you're pairing it up with "real" wholefood carbs like sweet potato, rice, or corn tortillas.  


If you prefer going low carb, feel free to enjoy your chicken or other meats with the fat or skin. 

2.  At the grocery store, pick one or two of your favorite fruits and go.  Stop giving yourself so many damn choices.  Bananas or apples are great sources of carbs.


Don't worry about the sugar content.  Here's why: First, they're packed with vitamins and minerals. Two, and most importantly, they're inexpensive and won't kill you (like the donuts will).  


3.  Peanuts is just an example.  If you prefer almonds or walnuts, go for it!   

4.  If you can't bare the thought of tasteless beverages, feel free to squeeze a lemon or lime wedge in your water.  Also, "flavor essences" are just fine in seltzer water.  Just stay away from the sweetened/sugary stuff.  




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