4 Groundrules for Groceries

Think "healthy food" is expensive?  

Many people do.  If you don’t know how to shop for healthy food, yes, it can be. 


When it's done right, you should break even compared to your normal grocery bill.  What's better, depending on your eating habits, you’ll save much more money in the long run. 


Oh yea, the other way Primal eating (or just eating real food) benefits your bottom line is by helping prevent the onset of chronic diseases like diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

Everbody's got advice on how to shop for healthy food.  If you get to the grocery store and need somewhere to start, here's our advice:

(1)   Unless you grow money on trees, stay away from the “healthy foods” aisle.

Nowadays, companies are capitalizing on the healthy foods market.  Put the word “organic”, “green” or “fat-free” on anything and it sells like hot cakes. 


Unfortunately, these so-called “healthy” aisles are stocked with (mostly) processed foods and other foods made with ingredients you probably don’t want going in your body. 


(2)    Stay away from things labeled “fat-free”

We live in a food system where food companies brag about being fat-free.  Ironically, the sugar in these candies are more likely to be stored in your body as fat than eggs and bacon are.

As far as other fat-free foods, it's important to know that in the mechanical process required to remove the fat from food, the flavor is also removed, unfortunately.  In order to make fat-free food taste good, food companies bathe the food in sugar to make it more palatable.  Just say no to “fat-free”.

Chances are, no one you know has ever lost a significant amount of weight eating fat-free food.  Quite the contrary, the sugar laced in these foods makes it easier for us to overeat, leading to fat gain.  Worst of all, unexpended calories equals fat storage and unhealthy weight gain.

(3)    Just buy real foods

Stick with fresh, whole fruits and vegetables, and fresh meats and you’ll be fine.  The fresh produce and meats are normally located in the outer perimeter aisles.  This is where you should do most, if not all, your shopping.

(4)   Just go primal

If you’re a busy adult, you probably don’t have time to delve into all those books claiming to be "THE NEXT BIG THING" in dieting.  It's pretty confusing (even for a Nutritionist).   The best place to start would be with the basics.  Simply said, just eat real foods.  If this concept makes a lot of sense and you truly care about your  nutrition and health, they're many ways to educate yourself.

If you've read through the other Primal Platoon™ pages and want to explore more, the Resources page has links to the top Primal/Paleo websites that feature things like foods, recipes, and the latest health news.  Bot for now, what you've been waiting for; The Primal foods list:




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